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UDA Releases ConstructionOnline Scheduling Beta Version

March 7, 2013

ConstructionOnline is now more powerful than ever. With the addition of ConstructionOnline Scheduling Beta Version on February 28, 2013, ConstructionOnline has become the new industry standard for online construction project management by offering the world's fastest web-based Gantt chart scheduling software. With its unmatched speed, flexibility, and ease of use, ConstructionOnline Scheduling has raised the bar in the online project management software industry.

ConstructionOnline Scheduling brings the power and simplicity of advanced critical-path project scheduling tools to the web, allowing for seamless access and updating while on the job site. Miscommunication between team members is a serious concern for most businesses, but with ConstructionOnline Scheduling, you can easily keep your whole team on the same page.

With ConstructionOnline Scheduling you have the ability to:

  • Share Project Schedules with your entire Project Team
  • Quickly create powerful critical-path Gantt chart schedules Online
  • Easily add groups and tasks to better organize your project
  • Attach predecessors to ensure that your assignments get completed in the most efficient order
  • Track the Percentage Complete of Indiviudal Tasks
  • Effortlessly edit start and end dates of tasks with a single click of your mouse
  • Make milestones within your schedule to keep your team meeting goals and heading in the right direction.

ConstructionOnline Scheduling offers best-in-class speed to ensure immediate collaboration. Instantly make changes to start and end dates with one drag of the mouse. Slide individual tasks or entire groups left or right to quickly adjust for changing deadlines. It's just that simple. There has never been an easier or faster way to keep your team on track.

"Our ConstructionOnline development team has been working tirelessly to produce the fastest and easiest scheduling system available as an online service. ConstructionOnline Scheduling has been much anticipated and we are very proud to offer the fastest online scheduling software available anywhere," said Michael Stevens, the president of UDA Technologies.

ConstructionOnline is utilized by thousands of construction professionals everyday. Over the past two years alone it has grown to be the largest and most widely used online project management website. Concerning the recent progress and growth of the site, Stevens said, "We continue to be very excited about the growth and development of ConstructionOnline, and the ability to help our clients better manage their construction projects from the web or mobile device."

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