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The Redline Revolution Continues: New Features Enhance Plan Management & Markup

Redline Planroom, UDA’s powerful plan management & mark-up toolkit, continues to exceed expectations across the industry, delivering revolutionary, plan-centric project management to builders around the world. The recent release of new features & enhancements to Redline Planroom include -   

Shared Views for ClientLink & TeamLink Contacts 

Access to Redline Planroom is now available for ClientLink & TeamLink Contacts through ConstructionOnline’s Client & Team Portals. These custom portals allow for extended project team members, like clients, investors, architects, subcontractors, and suppliers, to access critical project information through a branded, custom point of origin, and the addition of Redline Planroom to this feature set further enables team collaboration and client satisfaction. 

Google Maps Scan & Import

In partnership with Google Maps, ConstructionOnline has introduced the ability for users to capture high resolution aerial photographs of locations all over the world. Users will see the option to “Import from Google Maps” when adding new Redline Drawings, creating Redline Revisions, and pinning Files/Photos to Redline Sheets. Through fast, impressive technology, the aerial photographs are scanned from Google Maps and processed at the highest possible resolution, delivering crystal clear images.

 Layers on Redline Sheets

Layers create different levels, or overlays, to which varied drawings, markups, items, and more can be added on a sheet. This enhances communication & visibility across Redline and improves overall drawing organization. In Redline, users will be able to create new layers, show/hide layers as needed, manage the order in which the layers populate, and lock access to view and/or edit layers as the individual user level. 

Additional updates to Redline Planroom have introduced enhancements to the Upload & Review Process, expanded options for Adding Drawing Revisions, and streamlined Menu Access direct from the Redline canvas. 

By combining Redline’s markup, annotation, and calibration tools with ConstructonOnline’s comprehensive project management features, UDA Technologies delivers an unmatched solution for companies seeking to streamline all aspects of project management. Redline is available for easy access through ConstructionOnline Mobile and is fully optimized for tablets, iPads, Microsoft Surface Pros, and other touch-screen devices, making complete project collaboration possible from anywhere at any time. To learn more about Redline Planroom, contact a UDA Product Consultant at 1-800-700-8321.

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