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New for 2015 - Meet the New ConstructionOnline

December 4, 2014

Not just a step ahead, but a giant leap forward. UDA Technologies once again surges out in front of the crowd, pouring real innovations and elegant, dynamic tools into the new ConstructionOnline, which features a striking design at a very agreeable starting price and an extensive list of fresh options for projects, contacts and more. It's the smartest ConstructionOnline yet.

Build Your Team Your Way

  • Create your contacts with even more control with a newly calculated, more intelligent Add User sequence
  • Clarify team roles by grouping contacts into one of four categories
  • Manage contacts in new ways with the Contact Edit page, which allows users to set GamePlans and Display Names, and adjust project permissions
  • Build your dream team with the ability to easily assign multiple team members to projects from the Project Edit page

Innovative and Interactive

Experience more intuitive Projects and Files, as well as Contact communication, with easier navigation and an intelligent new dashboard with at a glance project and contact details, recent messages, notifications, announcements, user-specific alerts, user's projects and more.

You Decide When to Go Live

Stay ahead of the competition with project planning and create projects long before they begin. Projects can now be classified as "pending" with only the creator able to view and edit them, or "live" for the whole project team to see. Schedules, selections, contact setup, building your team, Calendars - every step of the pre planning phase can be set up before any work begins, saving you time down the road.

Client Feedback has a Big Impact

It's no secret that the goal at UDA Technologies is client success and the new ConstructionOnline proves client suggestions leave lasting impressions on the whole team.

  • Find extra answers when you need them most with new help menus for both Projects and Contacts
  • Edit contacts created in ConstructionOnline, even after they have activated their accounts
  • Set Global Permissions as a Pro user to deliver default permissions to company contacts for any current or new projects

The Road Ahead

With the ability to link with Google Maps whenever a valid project address is provided, the new Map feature ensures you and your team always know exactly where to go.

UDA ConstructionOnline is the world's fastest growing collaboration resource for construction professionals. Forget the limitations of traditional construction software programs - now you can have the powerful tools that you need, like Scheduling, Calendars, Project Logging, Change Orders, and To Dos, combined with the freedom of online collaboration that you love. Teamwork and communication have a new name: ConstructionOnline. Learn More

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