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New and Improved OnSite Mobile Apps

January 10, 2012

UDA Technologies recently updated the OnSite Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android, providing exciting new features and improvements to thousands of users.

Latest Operating Systems

All of the award-winning apps are now compatible with the latest operating systems for iOS and Android devices (iOS 5 for iPhone and iPad and ICS for Android). And now for the first time, all OnSite apps operate on both iPads and Android tablets.

New Features

New Push Notifications for iPhone and iPad allow you to see how many project notifications you have from the convenience of your main app screen. So if a team member makes an update, upload, or announcement, you'll be notified before you even open the OnSite application.

Additionally, the entire family of OnSite apps now allows users to create projects within the apps. So instead of waiting until you are in front of a computer, you can notify your team members about a new job immediately - right from your phone or tablet.

The new more efficient OnSite photo upload system for Android devices lets users select an unlimited number of photos to add to their albums at once. Rather than manually selecting and uploading photos one by one, entire groups can be selected and uploaded simultaneously. Another great improvement is the Android OnSite Video app's convenient "tap to start" feature, which makes creating and sharing videos a breeze on the new custom recorder.

Redesigned Interface

Both OnSite PlanRoom and Files have been updated with a new and more intuitive organization system for project notifications. Similar to the Dialog view, notifications are organized in a thread of recent activity. Now the newest updates will never be missed or overlooked with the latest notifications displayed at the top of the thread and older activity shown at the bottom.

In the fast-paced world of application development, UDA Technologies continues to deliver the most advanced and effective products tailored specifically to their clients' growing needs.

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