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Updated Construction Invoicing Introduces Custom Terms & Other Enhancements

ConstructionOnline’s fully integrated Invoicing toolkit has expanded options for comprehensive cloud-based management of construction invoices. One of the most impactful new updates is the introduction of new Custom Terms – now available in ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing. New Custom Terms allow for construction companies to create and apply Payment Terms outside of the default Payment Terms originally offered in ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing.Since the release of Invoicing in 2020, ConstructionOnline™ has offered standard Payment Terms of Net 15, Net 30, Net 60, and Due Upon Receipt. Now, construction companies can create custom Payment Terms to best fit a variety of business models and financial needs.

When Creating a New Term, ConstructionOnline™ Company Users will find that they are able to define terms as such -

  •  Due in a fixed number of days
  •  Due by a certain day of the month
  •  Due the next month if issued within X number of days of due date

Additional updates released to ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing in recent weeks include - 

  •  Attachments Added to Invoices
  •  Watermarks for "Overdue" and "Draft" Invoices
  •  Enhanced Tracking with new Date Columns available via Invoicing Grid, including Date Created, Date Emailed, Date Due, and Date Paid
  •  Hyperlinks from OnCost™ Estimates to individual Related Invoices
  •  Updated columns & calculation methods for "To Be Invoiced" and "To Be Paid" columns in OnCost™ Estimates
  •  Popover summary windows in OnCost™ Estimates that display details of Related Invoices
  •  New "Payment Overview" dashboard and updates to "Invoicing Overview" dashboard

Invoicing for ConstructionOnline™ continues to be a widely popular solution for construction professionals who seek to maximize the substantial financial, operation, and organizational ROI that can be found by uniting construction estimating, job costing, and invoicing in a single project management software like ConstructionOnline™.

To learn more about ConstructionOnline™ Invoicing & Financials, contact UDA Technologies at 1-800-700-8321.

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