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Dig Deeper into Project Progress with TrueVision™ Project Health Drill-In Views

TrueVision™ Project Health tables for individual ConstructionOnline™ Projects have been expanded to offer additional details through intuitive drill-in viewsdesigned to deliver powerful, project-specific insights to construction teams alongside ConstructionOnline’s additional industry-leading project management tools. 

Built on the foundation of ConstructionOnline's unique TrueVision™ Business Intelligence toolkit, TrueVision™ Project Health automatically compiles valuable project information into user-friendly dashboard widgets that instantly deliver multiple, up-to-date data points—empowering construction companies to easily act on priorities and make better business decisions. With new, detailed drill-in views for Project Health widgets, ConstructionOnline™ users will find it easier than ever to access critical information and key details on specific project metrics, including Financials, Scheduling, Communication & Correspondence, and Project Tracking. 

Project Health drill-in views also include direct links to the specific project data points referenced in the tables, and ConstructionOnline™ Company Admin Users are able to fully customize Project Health Scoring, including date ranges, status thresholds, and more. 

"The latest release for TrueVision™ Business Intelligence continues to demonstrate our dedication to the success of modern, growth-minded construction companies. With data-driven tools like Project Health, companies are able to make intelligent, strategic business decisions and maximize their ROI. "

- Michael Stevens, President & CEO of UDA Technologies 

TrueVision™ Business Intelligence and the related Project Health Scorecard™ & Project Health Tab are exclusively available for ConstructionOnline™ 2022 subscriptions at the Business & Enterprise levels. To learn more about harnessing the power of business intelligence software expertly engineered for construction teams, contact a ConstructionOnline™ Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321

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