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ConstructionSuite User Michael Sauri featured on HGTV Series Curb Appeal

May 10, 2007

Avid ConstructionSuite user, Michael Sauri, was recently featured on Curb Appeal, the HGTV series that shows major renovations of home facades. Sauri's company, Tri Vista USA, was originally booked for a single episode of the hit series. But, all that began to change even before that first episode was ever taped.

"When we were getting ready for the taping of our first episode of Curb Appeal, I sent HGTV a Gantt Chart schedule for the job. The episode was going to be the biggest HGTV home makeover that Curb Appeal had done up to that point. I sent a copy of the schedule to the designers and to the producers as well. The producer, who has probably worked with over 100 contractors throughout her time with the show, was amazed with the schedule I sent."

"She printed it out and walked it around her office saying "Who does this? Look at this!" And because UDA makes it so easy to email it out, I look like I'm the bee's knees, so they gave me a bunch more shows to do because it's like 'Oh my God, Tri Vista USA is so organized!'"

Because of the professionalism and organization shown by Sauri, Tri Vista USA was booked to do more episodes of the series the following season, a rarity with Curb Appeal. "Usually, the show only uses a particular contractor once, but we got booked for multiple shows since we're so organized and easy to work with. Once we sent that first schedule, we continued to update that schedule every week. The people at HGTV realized that it wasn't just a showpiece - it's actually what we do. They could barely believe it. It definitely made me and UDA look good."

Although Sauri is a seven-year veteran in the construction industry, Tri Vista USA has only officially been in business for a little over two years. But in that time, the company has seen enormous growth, which Sauri acknowledges is due in part to UDA ConstructionSuite. "We don't have a big structure, we rely on UDA to help us track where everything needs to be, to know where it's going, and to stay on top of procurement. We just wouldn't be able to do what we do if it wasn't for the organization that UDA affords us."

As the ConstructionSuite product builds on the success of its predecessor, ConstructionOffice, more and more clients are experiencing the great benefits of implementing an integrated project management system. Already used by tens of thousands of people in the U.S., Canada, and 60 countries worldwide, UDA software delivers the new industry standard in project management for small to medium construction firms.

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