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ConstructionOnline™ Recognized for Key Features, Most Important in Construction Management Software

ConstructionOnline was recently recognized in Capterra’s article - 5 Key Construction Management Software Features with Top Products that Offer Them. The article identifies 5 essential features of construction management software and highlights the top-ranked software platforms for each specific feature. Recommended products and associated scores are based on ratings submitted to Capterra by verified software users. 

With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, ConstructionOnline is recommended as a preferred construction management software platform for multiple projects, project management, and document management -

Multiple Projects

Identified by Capterra as the most important construction management software feature, platforms recommended here specifically address the challenges of managing multiple construction projects simultaneously, helping to “maximize productivity while ensuring smooth project execution.”

ConstructionOnline offers a centralized construction management platform with robust features specifically designed to streamline the synchronous management of multiple construction projects, including detailed Gantt Chart Schedules, automated Profit Reporting, intelligent Multi-Project Scheduling, advanced Resource Tracking & Allocation, full-featured Project Tracking, and more. 

Project Management

Considered the second most important construction management software feature, platforms recommended here stand out by providing “centralized data management and real-time access to all project information in one place.”

ConstructionOnline's cloud-based construction management platform enables collaborative construction team access to critical project information via web login and mobile app - from anywhere, at any time. Detailed project records conveniently organize construction Files & Photos, Messages, Daily Logs, Punch Lists, Reports, and more in a single, secure location. 

Document Management

Named as a highly important feature of construction management software by 81% of software users surveyed in the report, platforms recommended here offer “a structured repository to store all project documents in one place, ensuring easy access and efficient retrieval.”

ConstructionOnline empowers construction teams to access, share, and update vital project documents with specialized solutions for Construction Plans, Drawing Markup & Takeoff, Construction Proposals, Change Order Management, Requests for Information (RFIs), Submittals, and more. 

ConstructionOnline has also proudly been featured in 7 Capterra Shortlist™ Reports: 

  • Construction Estimating, 2024
  • Job Costing, 2023
  • Construction Scheduling, 2023
  • Construction CRM, 2023
  • Construction Management, 2023
  • Home Builder, 2022
  • Roofing, 2022

Capterra Shortlist Reports chart the highest-rated and most popular products to help businesses of all kinds better identify ideal software solutions. Capterra currently features 100,000+ solutions across 900 categories, offering access to over 2 million verified user reviews, in-depth product comparisons, and data-backed annual software ranking reports. Visit ConstructionOnline’s Capterra profile to access hundreds of verified reviews.

Since 1999, UDA Technologies has demonstrated innovation and ingenuity, delivering award-winning construction management software solutions adopted by hundreds of thousands of construction professionals around the world. To learn more about ConstructionOnline, click here. 

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