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ConstructionOnline Enhances Reporting Options

UDA Technologies recently announced the addition of four new reports to ConstructionOnline. For years, ConstructionOnline has provided professional, print-ready reports & documents that allow Company Employees to swiftly compile project data as needed, and ConstructionOnline’s newly added report options further expand these capabilities.

Company Employees can find the following reports now available in ConstructionOnline: 

  • Change Order Summary by Type:
    A summary of the selected project’s Change Orders, filtered by type
  • Change Order Summary by Reason:
    A summary of the selected project’s Change Orders, filtered by reason
  • Project Team Report:
    A list of all Project Team Members and associated Contact Details
  • Project Value by Type:
    An overview of Projects by Value, totaled & sorted by Project Type

Existing reports in ConstructionOnline received updates as well to account for new Custom Fields & other additional data introduced in ConstructionOnline 2019: 

  • RFI Report: Can now be filtered by “Discipline”
  • Letter of Transmittal: Can now be filtered by “Discipline”
  • Submittal Report: Can now be filtered by “Discipline” or “Type”
  • To Dos Report: Can now be filtered by “Type,” “Category,” or “Stage”
  • Schedule Summary: Now includes column for task “Type”
  • Project Logging Report: Now includes additional types of Weather Data 

New & enhanced reports benefit from the same easy-to-use report customization features which have set ConstructionOnline apart for years in the realm of document management. Reports in ConstructionOnline include professional branding, which gives documents a more custom feel by applying the Company Logo saved to the account. Further customizations can be made at the user’s discretion using ConstructionOnline’s built-in Document Editor. Once saved, any of ConstructionOnline’s reports can be shared with clients, subcontractors, vendors, and other project team members through ConstructionOnline’s Client & Team Portals

ConstructionOnline Reporting empowers Company Employees to effortlessly print, edit, and share detailed project, resource, & company data related to virtually every aspect of construction project management. With more than half a million users worldwide, ConstructionOnline continues to lead the industry as a trusted solution for maintaining accurate, up-to-date project records. To learn more about ConstructionOnline, contact a UDA Product Consultant at 1-800-700-8321.

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