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ConstructionOnline™ Budgeting Enhancements

April 20, 2016

UDA Technologies has unveiled expansions to ConstructionOnline™ Budgeting.

This innovative tool now features quantity and cost calculations that you can use to easily and accurately reflect job costs. Using intuitive and responsive data-entry in ConstructionOnline™ Budgeting, you have the power of estimation at your fingertips. Now you and your team can more precisely manage and share important details of your ConstructionOnline™ Budget.

Setting the Foundation with ConstructionOnline™ Budgeting

ConstructionOnline Budgeting has been designed for fast and instantaneous calculations of project budgets, change orders and allowances. Using powerful in-grid editing and dynamic creation of categories and subcategories, ConstructionOnline Budgeting can quickly create a project budget for immediate reference of up-to-date costs and profitibility.

With ConstructionOnline Budgeting you can:

  • Quickly Create an Accurate Budget complete with detailed Categories and Subcategories
  • Share Project Budgets With Your Entire Project Team
  • Easily Customize Categories and Subcategories To Match Your Project Phases and Structure
  • Include Change Orders To Ensure That Your Budgets are Current and up-to-date
  • Track the Priority, Status, or Phase Of Individual Categories and Subcategories
  • Include Detailed Bid Notes and Field Notes with Optional Time Stamps
  • Set Clasifications including: Material, Labor, Subcontractor, Equipment, and more
  • Track Paid and Remaining Balances for Individual Items, Subcategory View, Categories and Complete Projects
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