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UDA Expands Server Infrastructure Due to ConstructionOnline Growth

August 1, 2012

UDA Technologies has seen a breakthrough in the amount of users on its web collaboration platform ConstructionOnline. Due to this rise in usage, UDA has invested in heavy expansion and improvement of its ConstructionOnline Server infrastructure which means better performance for existing users and ensures that UDA Technologies will be able to grow in the future.

Capacity Increases

Server drive enhancements have extended the file storage capacity of ConstructionOnline by over 750%. Utilizing this new space will allow more users to store files online, while making sure that user information stays secure. With this additional capacity, UDA Technologies is also preparing for the upcoming releases of ConstructionOnline Calendars, Schedules, and To Dos.

Faster Than Ever

On top of capacity increases, additional processing power and onboard physical memory have been improved to accommodate the increasing number of concurrent users taking advantage of ConstructionOnline. With regards to the enhancements to ConstructionOnline, President of UDA Technologies Michael Stevens said, "The recent improvements to ConstructionOnline Data Centers and growing feature set are a clear indicator of our commitment to continue to develop and invest in the future of construction collaboration services."

A Commitment to Quality

Mobile applications and a dynamic web platform give clients the mobility and flexibility they want, while a powerful desktop program provides the power and functionality they need. UDA Technologies is dedicated to providing integrated tools for the increasing demands of the construction industry. ConstructionOnline is just one of many solutions that UDA provides in order to make project management easier and reduce the cost of construction.

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