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UDA Expands ConstructionOnline Data Centers

September 12, 2013

With explosive growth and enhanced features of ConstructionOnline Scheduling, Calendars, Change Orders, Selections, and To Dos, UDA Technologies has seen a breakthrough in the amount of users and traffic on ConstructionOnline, the Industry's Leading web collaboration platform. 

Due to this rise in demand and usage, UDA has continued to invest in heavy expansion and improvement of its ConstructionOnline Server infrastructure which equates to better performance for existing users and ensures that ConstructionOnline will be able to grow in the future.

Enhanced Architecture and Capabilities

Enhanced File Service Architecture and data warehousing have significantly improved speed and performance of ConstructionOnline. These new capabilities add resilient scaling for even greater performance in high-demand situations and the ability to meet the needs of a growing client base.

Speed to Burn

In addition to capacity increases, additional processing power further enhances performance of ConstructionOnline Pro Features, including ConstructionOnline Scheduling - the world's fastest online Gantt chart scheduling. With regards to the enhancements to ConstructionOnline, President of UDA Technologies Michael Stevens said, "The recent additions of ConstructionOnline Pro Features have generated a tremendous increase in the growth of ConstructionOnline. We are excited to continue to invest in the platform and further our goal of reaching millions of users worldwide."

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