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New Time Tracking Now Available

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 – a much-anticipated upgrade to the industry-leading project management platform. Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 includes UDA Time Clock for all Company Employees, as well as an advanced set of new features.

UDA Time Clock can be accessed via ConstructionOnline™ and ConstructionOnline Mobile™, enabling all Company Employees with capabilities to Clock In/Out of Jobs, Take Breaks & Lunches, and Switch between Jobs to record hours worked during the course of each day.

New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 introduces a variety of other features and functions, including -

Administrator Console

Through the Time Tracking Administrator Console, Company Admin Users have full access to UDA Time Clock tools, along with options to

  • View, Create, Edit, & Delete Existing Employee TimeSheets
  • Manage Settings for Breaks, Pay Periods, & Overtime
  • Access Geo-Mapping Data of Employee Clock In/Out locations
  • Generate Time Tracking Reports & Export Time Tracking Data
Time Summary Dashboard

The Time Summary Dashboard in ConstructionOnline serves is where Company Employees can manage current Time Punches, as well as access the history of previous Time Punches.

For Company Admin Users, the Time Summary Dashboard is also where they can access Administrator Console functions, such as Existing Employee TimeSheets & Time Tracking Settings.

Time Tracking Map

From the Time Tracking Map in ConstructionOnline, Company Admin Users can access the Google Maps View displaying GPS data of tracked Clock Ins/Clock Outs. The Time Tracking Map can be filtered by Project, Employee, and/or Time Frame.

Time Tracking Reports

Currently, two Time Tracking Reports are available in Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020:

  • Project Time Summary: Shows the total hours recorded for a specific project
  • Employee Time Summary: Shows the total hours recorded for a specific employee.

The expansion of Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 proves UDA’s commitment to client satisfaction by delivering one of the most requested new features to ConstructionOnline’s current user base of more than 650,000 construction professionals.

Get a first look at New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 here.

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