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New ConstructionOnline GamePlan™

October 8, 2013

ConstructionOnline Pro Features has expanded once again! As the number of Pro Users rapidly increases, UDA Technologies continues to provide innovative features that can help construction professionals more effectively collaborate with everyone on their team. New ConstructionOnline GamePlan™ reporting can take your project schedule and email automated reports to anyone that is assigned to an activity, saving you valuable time and effort.

Communication is the key to any successful business, but sometimes keeping everyone on the same page is a difficult task. With New ConstructionOnline GamePlan™, you can make sure that everyone on your team stays informed with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Keep Your Team on the Same Page with the Power of ConstructionOnline

GamePlan is an easy-to-use reporting system that allows you to set up instant or automated activity reports for anyone on your contacts list. These reports can include all activities, to dos, and events that your contact is assigned to for any given period, making it ideal for suppliers and subcontractors that may not check ConstructionOnline regularly for updates to their schedule. In addition to sending emails, all reports are printable, so you can even print a hard copy to give to your contact.

As a Builder, Contractor or Project Manager, you can:

  • Select exactly what information goes to each of your Team Members, Subcontractors, and Suppliers
  • Include Meetings, Appointments, Scheduled Project Tasks, and To Dos
  • Custom build Frequency, Date and Time Sent, and Scope of Forward Looking Data
  • Copy additional team members such as Bankers, Investors, or Construction Managers
  • Send automated GamePlan™ emails without having to configure new Projects
  • Print or email a Copy to Yourself and others

In regards to the release of GamePlan, President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens said, "Keeping everyone informed is one of the most difficult parts of project management. With this new feature, we hope to increase the level of collaboration and communication between everyone on your team, so costly miscommunications can become a thing of the past."

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