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New and Updated California Contracts

July 11, 2007

UDA Technologies released new and updated California contracts, designed to meet the strict requirements outlined by the California Department of Consumer Affairs and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB).

All five versions of ConstructionSuite 2007 (Standard, Pro, Premier, Corporate, and Network) include the new California construction contracts, home improvement contracts, forms, waivers, and notices for California users in addition to more than 170 fully-customizable contracts.

According to Daniel Hayden, Director of Product Development at UDA Technologies, contracts are a necessity in the construction industry, "At UDA we know how important it is to have accurate and clear-cut contracts. Without them, there may be miscommunication between the contractor and their clients. Users in California are unique because of the strict limitations put forth by the CSLB, and we aim to make their lives easier by providing them the information needed to create thorough contracts."

In 2007, the CSLB, governing body of more than 280,000 licensed contractors, amended 22 laws and added one new law that cover a wide array of topics, including new licensee qualifications for home improvement salespersons, restructured laws concerning bankruptcy, modified curriculum for electrical contractor, requirements for roofers to keep valid certificate of Workers Compensation Insurance or Certificate of Self Insurance on file with the Registrar's Office, and updates to the Swimming Pool Safety Act.

UDA California contracts include the mandatory requirements passed down by the CSLB, and communicate important information to ensure there is no discrepancy between the contractor and the client. The mandatory conditions include articles, clauses, and sections that must be present in order for the contract to be legally binding; without these mandatory parts, the contract could be overturned in court.

Each contract and report utilizes UDA Document Management, which combines the powerful integration of ConstructionNet CRM directly into each document. Document Management will also put a professional face on any business, giving the user the ability to add their company logo, letterhead, and watermark.

For those clients affected by the new CSLB law that requires contractors to keep up-to-date insurance on file with the Registrar's Office, ConstructionSuite Insurance Tracking will make keeping expiration dates, policy numbers, and primary contact information organized and easy to access. Users won't have to worry about scheduling or paying unlicensed subcontractors unknowingly. ConstructionSuite will warn users of expired licenses, bonds, and certificates before they schedule or pay a subcontractor.

"Our goal is to provide each construction professional the means to run their projects within the ConstructionSuite system from start to finish. We have talked to thousands of clients, listened to their requests, and turned those requests into features. We give each client the tools to generate Estimates, Take-offs, and Schedules, as well as create Contracts between themselves and their clients, vendors, and subcontractors. And the revolutionary ConstructionNet CRM has altered the way our clients do business. They have the capability to link every file to a contact or project and manage every detail about that job," said Hayden.

Much like the construction industry, software is always evolving, and UDA Technologies is committed to using cutting-edge technologies to make significant advancements in the design and development of construction software solutions. UDA will continue to focus efforts on client and industry experts for feedback and will strive to provide construction professionals comprehensive systems to manage their projects.

For more information about ConstructionSuite, visit or call 1.800.700.8321 to speak directly with a UDA sales representative. Free Trials of ConstructionSuite are available online.

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