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Introducing Newly Enhanced Redline Planroom 2.0

This week, UDA Technologies previewed Redline Planroom 2.0 as part of an exciting series of webinars highlighting new features coming to ConstructionOnline™ 2020. Redline 2.0 is built on the foundation of ConstructionOnline’s innovative plan-centric project management toolkit - first released in 2016, and this most recent upgrade is truly groundbreaking, featuring UDA’s industry-leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Redline 2.0 delivers a modern, intelligent plan management experience that streamlines the organization, management, and revision of construction plans. Alongside enhancements to performance, navigation, and ease-of-use, some of the most notable new features available in Redline 2.0 include -

  • New, Smart Upload Sequence that guides users step-by-step through the initial review process to ensure the accurate numbering, naming, & tagging of every sheet.
  • Up-to-Date Current Set View which presents the most current plan set upfront to make sure all team members are working with the most up-to-date data.
  • Fast, Accurate Callout Auto-Links that intuitively detect & link callouts across entire plan sets, eliminating hours of tedious cross-referencing. 
  • Date-Stamped Publish Logs which provide insights on recent upload and publish activity, including employee names & date/time stamps.
  • Overlays for Easy Revision Comparisons that make it easy to compare what’s changed & what’s stayed the same from revision to revision.
  • Efficient Filters by Version & Custom Tags which provide easy-to-apply options to help users find the sheets needed quickly

Powered by UDAi, distinctive artificial intelligence & machine learning, Redline 2.0 is proving to be the most advanced plan management & markup option available on the market today for construction companies around the world. The astounding performance seen in Redline 2.0 is conservatively projected to save 3+ hours per plan set with artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies applied to sheet naming, numbering, tagging, and linking.

In one example cited by UDA Senior Product Specialists, Redline 2.0 was able to number, name, and tag a plan set of 185 pages in merely seconds and auto-linked 1,081 callouts on this plan set in 33 seconds.

Redline 2.0 is available in an exclusive pre-release to current ConstructionOnline™ subscribers. To learn more about Redline 2.0, check out UDA’s recent webinar here. 


Meet Newly Enhanced Redline 2.0 for ConstructionOnline 2020

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