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Enhanced Custom App Available for ConstructionOnline Subscribers

Today, UDA Technologies is excited to announce the availability of enhanced Custom Apps for ConstructionOnline subscribers. New Custom Applications provide updated custom branded mobile applications for ClientLink and TeamLink contacts to use in communication with their project team.

Since 2010, UDA Technologies has hosted the industry’s largest family of mobile applications, proving their commitment to accessible, affordable tools that support real-time field collaboration for growing construction companies. As Michael Stevens, President & CEO, stated,

“At UDA, we place a high priority on mobile technology. We know that information is more valuable when it is accessible directly from the jobsite, and we aim to provide the quickest & best delivery of information to the extended field team. The enhanced Custom Apps are yet another way we are able to drive the success of our customers, improving their communication capabilities with TeamLink and ClientLink connections.”

ConstructionOnline has provided customized, convenient ClientLink & TeamLink logins since 2014, allowing clients, subs, suppliers, and vendors to stay connected and up to date from their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. The updated approach to Custom Mobile Apps eases the process of customizing, accessing, and sharing individual Custom Apps with all ClientLink and TeamLink contacts.

Custom Mobile Applications are included with ConstructionOnline Network, Ultimate, Enterprise, and Unlimited packages. Contact UDA Technologies to learn more at 800-700-8321.

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