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ConstructionOnline Pro Features Continue to Expand

April 11, 2013

ConstructionOnline Pro Features have expanded yet again. New Project Archiving and Canadian Weather Tracking are now available in the world's fastest-growing collaboration resource for construction professionals - ConstructionOnline.

In response to client requests, UDA has added the ability to seamlessly archive projects so that users can more efficiently manage active and completed jobs. New Canadian Weather Tracking logs daily weather information at multiple times each day, recording local weather conditions for your project log.

Newest additions to the ConstructionOnline Pro Features Family:

  • Project Archiving allows users to quickly and safely archive or store complete projects on ConstructionOnline. Simply select the project you want to hide and click Archive. It's just that easy.
  • Canadian Weather Tracking for over 1,600 cities, locations, and weather stations is now included as a part of Project Logging so that users around the world can take full advantage of detailed, daily weather reports.
  • ConstructionOnline Scheduling brings the power and speed of the world's fastest critical-path project scheduling tools to the web, allowing for seamless access and updating while on the job site.
  • With ConstructionOnline Calendars, every event for all of your projects is displayed in one location. Filtering by contact, timeframe, or project is simple and allows you to view your activities individually.
  • ConstructionOnline To Dos allows you to center your attention on one task, or assign multiple tasks to your team. This isn't your average checklist, however. You can relate assignments to specific projects, files, and contacts. You even have the ability to track percentage completed so you can easily keep up with your team's progress.
  • Project Logging gives you and your team the ability to track everything from delivery times to the daily weather, all in one place. This helps you efficiently organize your current projects and better plan for your future ones, even if you're not on the job site.

President of UDA Technologies, Michael Stevens, said, "We are always excited to meet the needs of our growing user-base with new and enhanced features. With Project Archiving, our clients can simultaneously accomplish two separate goals by prioritizing active projects and safely storing past projects on ConstructionOnline."

ConstructionOnline is utilized by thousands of construction professionals everyday. Over the past two years alone it has grown to be the largest and most widely used online project management website.

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