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ConstructionOffice Officially Certified for Virtual Private Networks

June 3, 2005

UDA Business Certification successfully concluded today for the use of ConstructionOffice on virtual private networks (VPN), expanding connectivity options for ConstructionOffice users. When connecting through a VPN, users can access the office network, update essential project files, and share the most recent project information from a remote location such as a jobsite or branch office.

A VPN creates a private link across the internet or another public network and enables users to circumvent surging traffic through a process known as tunneling. Information that is sent over a VPN is encrypted and channeled directly to the designated local area network in the office. During data transfer, ConstructionOffice users can be confident that their project and accounting files are protected because VPN encryption provides the highest level of security available for remote connectivity.

Testing and certification was managed by the UDA Quality Assurance Group, a team of engineers and testers responsible for maintaining software standards at UDA Technologies. As a Microsoft Partner, software created by UDA Technologies must uphold standards of reliability, business integrity, and value for small to medium businesses.

UDA Technologies has already helped thousands of construction firms work more efficiently by streamlining project management, and ConstructionOffice users are now able to save even more time through utilizing this remote connectivity option.

"Using ConstructionOffice on a virtual private network gives them real access into a shared location that is typically only accessible inside the office's local area network," said Daniel Hayden, director of product development for UDA Technologies. "Mobility is key in the construction industry, and remote access eliminates wasted trips and phone calls to and from the office, enabling people in the field to accomplish more in less time."

A VPN connection is considered to be the most secure, reliable, and affordable remote access option for small to medium businesses. It is also less cumbersome and significantly easier to use than other remote options such as leased lines and direct dial connections. After the initial set up of a VPN, users only need to connect to the internet and log on to the private network.

Successful construction firms rely on people with diverse specializations working together, and implementing multi-user connectivity options fosters such collaboration. With networked project management software, contractors, superintendents, and office managers all have access to essential project files.

VPNs take this collaboration one step further and allow full access to the company's shared projects folder from a remote location. With a laptop or tablet PC that connects to the internet, users can update schedules at the jobsite, edit and sign contracts after a customer meeting, and directly enter change orders into the estimate, all without returning to the office. When people have immediate access to their project files, the risks associated with overlooking important and sometimes costly project changes is greatly reduced.

While relatively few construction firms have taken advantage of this networking opportunity, the technology has been proven to be extremely beneficial in other industries. A recent case study done by Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), a worldwide leader in the networking and internet industry, illustrates the value of utilizing a VPN when mobile connectivity is essential to business success.

AFC Enterprises, a restaurant franchise, adopted the VPN solution after discovering that another remote option would cost them several hundred dollars a month, compared to the under twenty dollars a month AFC now pays for a VPN connection. By moving from a phone-based communication method to a VPN, AFC streamlined operations and significantly increased employee productivity. Read the full Cisco Systems Case Study on AFC Enterprises.

UDA Technologies is committed to developing and implementing new software solutions that will help ConstructionOffice users better their businesses. As the demand for more networking opportunities grows, a dedicated team of engineers at UDA Technologies continually works to enhance remote and multi-user options for ConstructionOffice users.

For more information about ConstructionOffice, visit or call 1.800.700.8321. Free trials of Construction Office are available online.

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